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So, the judge in the Encinitas Yoga Trial has decried that though "Yoga is religious, it is not taught that way." Therefore, it is ok to teach in the public schools. Uh? In other words, the judge is saying it is ok to be dishonest and disrespectful of the Hindu/Yogic religion. Talk about misinformation and a lack of ethics and compassion. Those out to divorce so-called "yoga" from Hinduism are continuing to promote religious bigotry and programing children to do the same. Of course this complete distortion of the sacred Hindu/Yoga teachings and practices is nothing new. How history doth repeat itself. Not so coincidental, the judge is actually a Bikram Yoga student. Bikram the Indian man who parades around in silk suits, wacky hats, a speedo, a rolex and drives Rolls Royces and seems to always involved in a law suit. Need we say more about the judge's judgement? What to think about all those who continue to follow and promote the phony yoga movement and are even willing to pay to be deceived.


Of course, anyone interested in the facts will, easily uncover the Hindu/Yoga connection. All one has to do is to look in a dictionary; encyclopedia; books on comparative religions; and books on Hinduism to uncover the Hindu/Yoga connection. One can also examine books on non-Hindu religions (to see where Yoga is not). Very simply, "Yoga" is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the religious language of the Hindus. The Sanskrit/Hindu word "Yoga" means "Yuj Atman Brahman ca." ("To yoke to one's individual Soul and Soul Source.") The various (real) Yogas are the means by which Hindus achieve this Soul/Self-Realization: Karma Yoga (ethics); Bhakti Yoga (devotion); Raja Yoga (contemplation) and Jnana Yoga (the ongoing state of enlightenment). There are other (real) Yogas within these classic Hindu/Yogas such as: Mantra/Japa Yoga (Hindu chants); Nada Yoga (Hindu devotional music); Kundalini Yoga (the Hindu study of the inner forces) and Hatha Yoga (Hindu devotional postures). It is this last Yoga that is generally meant by the misuse of simply "yoga." Real Hatha Yoga, however, is deeply Hindu devotional and actually meant to be kept relatively secret. "Hatha" actually refers to the worship of Siva/Vishnu (Hara/Hari) and "tha" (moon/sun). The sages realized that this form of Hindu Yoga (which involved the physical body) must be kept under wraps, so to speak, due to the tendency of the immature to mistakenly focus on the physical body--i.e., modern phony yoga!


Simply, real Yoga are the many teachings and practices of Hinduism; (and true to all religions, respectively) taught by Hindus and not for a fee. One, two, three, home run. Sadly, phony yoga strikes on all three counts. One has to wonder how the sacred Hindu/Yoga teachings and practices have become so distorted. Unfortunately, complacent Hindus have allowed all this to happen and not just regarding Yoga. The following are all, in essence, sacred Hindu terms and concepts which have been distorted (and may even be viewed as evil) beyond recognition: Swastika; Guru; Mantra; Karma; Pandit; Kundalini; Chakras and Aum/Om. Of course, the Hindus even lost their original homeland--the (H)indu river valley where it all started. Tolerance is a virtue, but being a doormat is not. Hindus really need to (peacefully) step up to the plate. Hindus need to educated their selves and learn to work together.


There could be a positive outcome to this bad and illogical judgement of the Yoga trial. Some Hindus may wake to the fact that they are being totally disrespected. On the other hand, those who feel so drawn towards Hinduism/Yoga (without realizing or admitting it) may reflect on their inner feelings. Admitting the Hindu/Yoga connection is simply being honest, and then one can choose whether or not to study Hinduism/Yoga. For those who find Hindu Dharma to be their religion of choice, they may decide to formally become Hindus. Becoming a Hindu would be the first step (true to any religion) before ever teaching. Phony Yoga is way out there and in total reverse order, however, just as this spurious yoga was created, it can be dissolved and turned back into what it truly is. It is never too late to do the right thing.


Consider the difference between stretching and relaxation and Hatha Yoga. Why the two words, stretching and yoga? What is the difference? If one wants to teach stretching and relaxation and even make a business out of it, fine. But, to mislabel stretching as yoga is to really stretch the truth. Why not call Baptism, underwater exercise? Consider the ramifications of this lack of foresight: 1. It is dishonest to divorce yoga from Hinduism. 2. What happens when an inquisitive individual (especially a child) does a bit of research and uncovers the Hindu/Yoga connection? They will feel deceived, and, if they have a religious upbringing, they may feel a sense of guilt and shame. 3. Also consider how this redefining of yoga affects Hindus and their Temples and Ashrams. From experience, we routinely get calls inquiring about yoga. When the caller is informed that they will be studying Hinduism, there is disbelieve and even anger with comments such as, "Yoga has nothing to do with religion and certainly not Hinduism!" Imagine calling up a Christian organization and inquiring about a Baptism class and when told that this is all about the Christian religion, one comments: "Baptism is simply an underwater exercise/therapy and has nothing to do with religion and certainly not Christianity!" As absurd as this sounds, this is exactly the outcome of spurious yoga today. more about you.



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