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If it is not Hindu Yoga, it is Hot or stolen Yoga. Simply look in a dictionary (on-line), encyclopedia, books on comparative religions, books on Hinduism, and you will discover that all of (real) Yoga is all about the Hindu religion. To know what or where something is, is to also know where it is not. For example, examine the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, there is of course not one mention of Yoga. All of real Yoga belongs to the Hindu Dharma. True to all religions, the teachers (not necessarily the student) are members of that religion. Also, true to all religions, these profound religious/spiritual teachings and practices are always offered on a donation business.


Throughout history, there have always been arrogant invaders all too ready to exploit others. This ego-driven exploitation is rampant today in the theft of the sacred Hindu/Yoga teachings and practices. There are innumerable phony yogas today as individuals compete for fame and money. So dishonest and clueless, many do not realize the import of their spurious brands of Yoga: Hot (stolen); Hanu (prostitute); Power (trip) Yoga; beer yoga; goat yoga and of course all those who brazenly add their own name: Bikram, Iyengar, Sri Sri, Marks, Wendy's, Ted's Yoga, etc.    


Along with these narcissistic enterprises come the inevitable scandals. Amazingly, even riddled by scandal many of the phony yogis continue to flourish. Of course, every despot needs blind sheep to support their power trips. True to form, even many "Hindus?" capitulate to the phony yoga power conglomerate becoming 200 and 500 hr. Yoga Alliance "experts." The so-called "spiritual but not religious" crowd forget that, like Atmana, "spiritual" means incorporeal or without body. Paradoxically, picture, personality and price tag dominate the phony yoga movement and are the very antithesis of the profoundly introspective life of a true Yogi or Yogini. Even the has some very bizarre notions disconnecting Yoga from its Hindu roots. TM makes a big business out of selling meditation. It is interesting to search for those behind the saying, "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it." On the other hand, Gandhi said, "An error does not become truthful simply by repetition; nor does the truth become error simply because very few see it."


It is a fact, that the phony yoga movement was given authority by a bunch of Indian guys who made the major mistake of not presenting all of Yoga in its proper Hindu context failing to first make a teacher a Hindu. Krishnamacharya, Bikram, Iyengar, Jois, Desikachar and followers of Sivananda are some of the major players behind the distortion of authentic Hindu/Yoga. We had the cults of TM; Rajneesh; Yogi Bhajan; Yogananda; Jivan Mukti and Kriyananda. Trying to be all things to all people and not having the courage to stand up for one's religion is a major character flaw. Of course, there are many fundamentalist/universalist (Hindus) who have no problem with feeling their way is the "mother of all ways" whether or not they decide to reveal this fantasy. Many of these Indian teachers also entered into illicit money and sexual conduct which their students emulated.

Even Desikachar's son has gotten in on the act:




















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