From the no-thing-ness (sunya/zero) of the sub atomic realm, we enter the three-faceted inner core of the At0M—the Siva Lingam. It is these unseen atOMs that permeate every cell of every being. Cell division (duality) or mitosis is at the heart (Hiranya Garba/Womb Chamber/Atma Lingam) of evolution (parinama). In other words, no division, no life—no evolution!

     There are mathematical laws to this cell division a.k.a. heredity. These laws were uncovered in the 1800’s by Gregor Mendal a Christian Monk! A cell is also a small enclosure and an ecclesiastical term for a monk’s private place of seclusion. In Sutra 35 of the Siva Samhita, Siva instructs the Yogi to go into their Suksmarandhrakam (pleasant cave place). In fact, all true Yogis and all mystics enter into this austere seclusion to ponder life. A prison cell (the extreme “time out”) is to reform a social deviant. A mystics cave and inner seclusion is to transcend all worldly attachment and, thus, to uncover the secrets of life.

     For the Hindu, one follows the Dharma to cultivate (Niyama) the Atmana or DNA. The chemical Dioxyribonucleic Acid is inside of every snake-like chromosomes of every cell. The twin helix Of DNA  (the spiraling snakes Ida/Pingala) unwinds and mixes with the chemical RNA (Religion cultivates Soul),thus, giving birth to the appreciation of generalities and specifics. DNA is what makes a man-a-man; a women-a-women; a monkey-a-monkey. It is the linking process of religion (“religio”), in general, and Hindu Dharma (“to hold”) and Yoga (“to yoke”) , specifically, that gives birth to the Soul Man/Women. Tat Tvam Asi. The way to this Soul-Realization is ethics, devotion, meditation to enlightenment, in general, and Karma, Bhakti, Raja to Jnana, specifically (Hindu).

     DNA is the chemical Soma of the chromosomical, if you will, Kundalini Naga Shakti of the Atma cell. Satchidananda.  Therefore, regularly, go back into Hiranya Garba, your heart cell and feel the chromosomical Naga Shakti and Soma elixir of Dharma Niyama Atma. See and experience the moon river Kundalini of the twin-helix spiraling Ida/Pingala Nadis. With the help of the At0M, move up and into the single eye (bindu) and on into the triune sub-at0Mic realm and finally—poof! No-Thing; Zero; Sunyam; Kaivalya; Moksha. This is what it means to be a (H)indu: Chandra; Sarid; Bindu; Soma (Moon; River; Drop; Nectar). 0-1-0. Invented by the Hindus, zero and one/many, is the binary system that makes life compute.