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The "new" terms you will encounter are all Sanskrit–the prayer language of the Hindu religion.


Namaste is a typical Hindu greeting. It means "Your (te) name (namas)" [is Atman/Soul]. This anjali is accompanied by the palms coming together with a slight bow. Note: an elder and/or teacher is always addressed by "Namaskar."


The essence of Classical Yoga/Hinduism, indeed the very core of spirituality is the recognition that our essential nature is the Soul (Atman) or Spirit. The Soul is: LIGHT (Jyothi)/LOVE (Ananda~bliss)/ENERGY (Shakti). Love, Light and Energy O^M–this are we with emotions mind and body.


The Sanskrit Sat/Chid/Ananda–Truth/Light~Consciousness/Bliss also conveys this primal reality. This Spiritual/Self-Realization is basic to living a balanced and relatively peaceful life. It is a true solution to violence. Self-Realization is understanding both the "inner" and the "outer" nature. ["Self" refers to the Atman–"self" refers to the ego nature.]


Like two golden birds perched on the selfsame tree, intimate friends, the ego and the Self dwell in the same body.–Mundaka Upanishad – For eons of time, Gurus (a Hindu spiritual teacher) have posed these vital questions to their students (chelas): 1. Who am I? 2. Where did I come from? 3. Where am I going? 4. What is the ultimate purpose of life? 1. The Soul/Atman–with body, mind and emotions. 2. As Love, Light and Energy, from a greater source of the same–physically, of course, from the mother. 3. The Atma, in various ways, merges with this greater source–the body, of course, fades away. 4. Spiritual-Realization along with the other important life purposes, responsibilities and duties.


To one degree or another, all the religious/spiritual/traditions of the world seek to adopt a spiritual lifestyle that helps to bring about this realization and experience to which these vital questions point. [Like the word "yoga;" i.e., "to yoke" to the spirit, the essential meaning of the word "religion" is "to link-back" ("religio") to the spirit.]


The religion of Classical Yoga/Hinduism is one very profound path to Spiritual-Realization. This ancient and contemporary religion, provides answers, grounded in experience as well as a wisdom and compassion that recognizes we are all on this Eternal Spiritual Journey.


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