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We all go through, basically, the same things in our many lifetimes. We have all experienced tremendous joys and sorrows. We have built a strong fortress of beliefs, attitudes and actions–an individual identity. This is the natural growth process


To one degree or another, we all seek knowledge and various experiences to better understand and to enjoy life. sometimes, when living gets extremely difficult and/or when we make bad decisions, we seek various avenues of escape. This search may take the form of various desires, obsessions and addictions. Some of these escapes are beneficial and even healthy, however, obviously, others are more or less harmful even dangerous. For example, a walk on the beach is a healthy escape from daily pressure, watching hours of TV is not that beneficial–while taking any number of dangerous drugs can have disastrous effects.


There does come a time when many people seek answers, as well as an outlet for stress, in the realm of religion/spirituality. Thus, throughout human history, we find numerous spiritual/religious traditions made up of individuals who are seeking wisdom and peace.


The number of world religions attest to this religious/spiritual such as the: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Shinto and Taoist religions. There is Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahia, Hawaiian and Native American religions, to name a few.


Unfortunately, there has also been much psychic non-sense in the name of spirituality as well as much violence in the name of religion primarily due to the erroneous assumption that one's religion or sect (an off-shot of a religion) is the one for everyone. Sadly, it is this potentially dangerous cultic view that turns many away from even the beneficial aspects of religion.


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