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The word "religion" comes from the root "religio" ("to link-back"). The words "soul" "spirit" and "spiritual" refer to that which is incorporeal or without body (mind and emotions). In the Hindu/Yogic religion, the words "Dharma" ("to hold") and "Yoga" ("to yoke") convey the same essential meaning of religio. The Sanskrit/Hindu word for soul "Atman" ("not mind") conveys the same meaning as "spirit" and "spiritual." Religion is like the mountain with many paths. All paths are not the same and some may not reach the top. The spirit is the light that rises above the mountain. In order to get to the top, one must choose an established path (or create a completely new one). Obviously, only those who make this journey can lead others. Assuming there is only one path is the problem of fundamentalism. However, simply standing at the bottom and looking up claiming "all is one" is the new-age delusion of universalism. The Hindu/Yogic religion is one of these established paths. True to any religion, anyone is free to study Hinduism/Yoga but it is only the Hindu who ethically and logically teaches. Of course, anyone can become a Hindu. 


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